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Running for State Representative 25th District

Following her official public announcement to run for office of State Representative, Lynn's focus is reaching out to all of the constituents of the 25th district. She's excited to hear directly from you on what matters most to you and listening to your ideas on how to strengthen our community and our state. She is going door to door, participating in neighborhood events plus our community events. You can also reach Lynn by phone: 302-753-3159 or email at:

If you'd like to become a part of our team, please click on the link below for volunteers, and simply drop a note to let her know when you're available and how you would like to help! Also, your contributions are always greatly appreciated! The contribution link below will take you directly to an on-line donation page... If you'd like to contribute via check, please scroll to the bottom of this home page for a link with more instructions. Thank you so much for your support!!


Lynn Mey announces bid for 25th House District

Lynn launched her campaign in front of Newark's West Park Place Elementary School.

lynn mey photo credit mark arehart

Mark Arehart / Delaware Public Media

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Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to have you join our team! Please share your talent and time... check out the many areas where your support is needed!

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Our 25th district has grown!

Welcoming our new communities to the 25th District

As of November 9th 2022, the new district will be in effect. Welcome to all the new communities that are joining our district, including:

Coopers Run
Deerborne Woods
Eagle Trace
Pleasant Valley Estates
Rosetree Hunt
Woodland Village

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What are Lynn's key priorities?

As Lynn is actively collecting input from the constituents of our 25th District, here are a few of the key issues that are at the top of the list.

Safety and protection of our most vulnerable

Our community needs to protect and respect those that may not be able to stand up for themselves or need our help and compassion. This would include our elderly, our children, born and pre-born,  parents seeking compassion and support.

Accountability and budget controls

Establishing a review process that includes basis for spending, targets for productivity; measures of quality of services delivered.

Quality education

As parents are seeking the best education for their children, their voice needs to be prominent and their participation strengthened. Our educators must have the tools and support to succeed. Evaluation and scrutiny to ensure all spending is essential to raise the bar of our children's education.


See what people are saying about Lynn Mey

“The representative we need”

Lynn has been a friend and co-worker for the past 30 years. She is a real team player that is always looking for better ways to do things. Lynn has the highest ethical standards and tremendous family values. She is the representative we need in our Delaware legislature.

Dave Rurak

“An incredible leader”

Lynn Mey is an incredible leader. I had the privilege to work with her and learn from her example. I will never forget when she came to Puerto Rico some days after the devastation of hurricane Maria. Lynn had no problem sleeping in a cot at the plant site since hotels or other more suitable facilities were not available. She exhibited a great balance between her genuine desire to care for the people and setting the right strategy and support for the operations to start up safely and in a reasonable time.

Lourdes Melendez
Puerto Rico

“She’s exactly what’s needed for Delaware”

I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside Lynn for years. Lynn is an authentic leader. She's so passionate about working through people to solve real problems. She’s exactly what’s needed for Delaware.

Debby Kane-Sturges

“The best choice”

I have known Lynn Mey for almost 20 years as a colleague and a friend. She will make an excellent representative for the 25th district. Lynn has led many teams and organizations to overcome major challenges. Her integrity, perseverance, and desire to help make her the best choice for representative! Vote for Lynn Mey!

Peter Murray