Running for our community and our future

Lynn grew up in northern Ohio, one of seven children. Her father was born in Hicksville, Long Island, and proudly served in both the Army and the Navy. Lynn's mother grew up on her family farm, one of the few remaining century farms in Ohio. Lynn completed her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with high honors at Ohio University and immediately began her career with DuPont. She enjoyed a great career for the next 34 years with global roles in business, operations and supply chain. She holds three supply chain certifications.

Lynn led teams to accomplish great successes for the company and their communities. One of her most personally and professionally impactful experiences was aiding the manufacturing team and community of Manati, Puerto Rico, after the devastation caused by a category 5 hurricane, Maria, in 2017. The plant provided support to the local hospital and community while safely and rapidly restarting the manufacturing plant. In the words of the site manager, "Lynn Mey is an incredible leader. I had the privilege to work with her and learn from her example." Her experience in successfully leading these very diverse teams will be a tremendous asset, both in representing our diverse communities and working with all members of the General Assembly, who have many different views, to get things done!

Lynn and her husband, Jeff, have been married for 32 years. They have lived in Cannonshire Development for the past 20 years, raising their four children, each graduating from the University of Delaware and now raising their own young families right here in Delaware.  They have been blessed with seven grandchildren! She has been a very active member of St. Margaret of Scotland's Church and working with the youth. Lynn has been helping young adults prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation for the past 15 years and also spent several years coaching CYM track and cross-country teams. She is a member of the Newark Rotary and a board member of the Delaware Right to Life. Lynn was recognized by the Diocese of Wilmington as Volunteer of the Year in 2014.

Lynn loves to run and has completed two marathons and multiple half-marathons. She recently completed the inaugural half-marathon in our beautiful city of Newark. Lynn knows endurance and she's excited to be running for our 25th District, ready to serve our community and our beautiful state of Delaware!

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Ready to Serve Our 25th District

As YOUR State Representative, I will bring:

  • Adherence to our Delaware State Constitution
  • Global Business, Manufacturing & Supply Chain experience applied to our local community and state needs
  • Experience in best practices for strong budget controls and accountability
  • Diverse teams together to solve tough issues
Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

In the Declaration of Independence, LIFE is our first example of our unalienable rights, preceding LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. We must respect and protect the sanctity of LIFE.

Protect our Freedoms

Respect and support the rights our brothers and sisters fought to achieve. Uphold the Declaration of Independence and honor the oath of our Delaware State Constitution.



Ensure we have the opportunity to hear and speak the truth of what impacts our lives, our families, our future. Focus on the science and data relevant to our communities.


Protecting parents' rights in their children's education. Establish education goals and ensure our students are properly equipped to achieve their future dreams.

Best Practices

Apply best practices in how we manage our fiscal responsibilities through strong budget controls and elimination of "waste" in our legislative processes.

Business Growth

Supporting the supply chains within our community businesses with strong talent and a skilled workforce to successfully meet the job growth they are striving to achieve.


Bringing teams together to solve tough issues. Diversity of thought and experience can lead to long-lasting solutions with strong community support.


What are Lynn's key priorities?

As Lynn is actively collecting input from the constituents of our 25th District, here are a few of the key issues that are at the top of the list.

Safety and protection of our most vulnerable

Our community needs to protect and respect those that may not be able to stand up for themselves or need our help and compassion. This would include our elderly, our children, born and pre-born,  parents seeking compassion and support.

Accountability and budget controls

Establishing a review process that includes basis for spending, targets for productivity; measures of quality of services delivered.

Quality education

As parents are seeking the best education for their children, their voice needs to be prominent and their participation strengthened. Our educators must have the tools and support to succeed. Evaluation and scrutiny to ensure all spending is essential to our raise the bar of our children's education.