Bobcat T76 Specs – Power, efficiency, and versatility

Bobcat T76 Compact Track Loader is an efficient and versatile compact loader. It’s known for being easy to use, flexible, and efficient. Contractors and operators who want high performance are attracted to its robust specs and wide compatibility. This article will highlight the capabilities and specifications of the T76 loader specs.


Bobcat T76 equipped with robust diesel engine. This powerful motor is capable of delivering reliable power to perform a wide range of tasks. Although the exact engine model can vary depending on region and production year, the typical range is 74-74.3 hp. The engine’s powerful performance ensures dependable, efficient operation in even the most demanding of applications.

Capacity: HTML0. An impressive feature of the T76, is its rated operating capability (ROC). Depending upon the T76’s configuration and options, its ROC can range from 2,900 to 2900 pounds (1 315 to 1 315 kilograms). The T76 can effectively lift and carry heavy loads. This makes it an ideal machine for working with attachments or handling materials.

Tipping Load: When carrying loads, the tipping weight of the Bobcat T76 determines stability. T76’s tipping weight is typically between 2,631 and 2,631 kilograms (2,800 to 5,800 lbs). The specification ensures a stable, safe operation when using the machine on uneven surfaces or terrain that slopes.

TravelSpeed: Designed to efficiently move between jobsites and larger work areas within the T76, it offers a travel speed maximum of about 7.3 miles per hours (11.7 kilometers per time). Operators can transport material quickly, and move around on the job site efficiently.

Hydraulic Pressure and Flow: Hydraulic Performance is critical for any compact trackloader. The T76 delivers in this area. Hydraulic flow is typically around 23.7 gallons/minute (89.7-liters/minute) with a pressure of about 3,500 pounds per square inch (241.3 bars). This specification ensures that the T76 has the ability to run a variety of attachments with ease, such as buckets and grapples or hydraulic augers.

Operating Weigh: Depending on the Bobcat T76 configuration, the operating weight will vary. Operating weight for the T76 ranges between 4,203 and 4,389 kilograms (4,270 pounds) on average. Included in this weight is the standard equipment of the machine, its tracks, as well as a fully-filled fuel tank. Stability is improved by a well-balanced weight during lifting and digging operations.

Size of Bucket: This bucket is designed to fit a variety of material handling, digging and excavation needs. Bucket size can be varied widely. They range from buckets with a maximum of 68 inches (173cm) to those that are smaller for specific tasks. Bucket size is determined by the application you are using and how much material will be handled.

Width & Height: T76’s compact size allows for easy maneuvering through tight areas. With the operator’s cabin, it has a typical width of about 68 inches (173 millimeters). Its height is approximately 81.3 centimeters (206.5 millimeters). Its small footprint allows the T76 to fit into tight spaces while offering excellent visibility for the operator.

Operator Comfort and Productivity: In the design of T76, operator comfort and productivity is paramount. This tractor features a large and ergonomic cabin with great visibility and easy-to reach controls. A comfortable suspension seat is also included. It can also be fitted with air conditioning or heating options to make the operator comfortable in all weather conditions. T76 is equipped with an advanced touch screen for better control and monitoring.

Accessories and Versatility Bobcat T76 has a high degree of versatility. This machine can come with an array of attachments such as buckets forks grapples hydraulic breakers augers etc. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of situations, such as digging and grading or material handling or land clearing. This system allows for a quick and easy attachment swap, increasing productivity at the work site.

Undercarriage and Tracks: T76 is equipped with rubber tracks, which offer excellent traction on difficult terrain. The machine is more durable and long-lasting thanks to the design of its undercarriage. This also helps reduce maintenance costs.

Bobcat T76 compact tracks loader, in summary, is an efficient and versatile machine designed for performance and efficiency. The Bobcat T76 compact track loader is a powerful and versatile workhorse that can handle a range of jobs thanks to its impressive engine capacity, compatibility with many attachments, and robustness. With its spacious cabin, user-friendly features and great visibility, it’s a good choice for operators looking to maximize productivity while maintaining comfort. Bobcat T76 offers exceptional versatility and power for moving large loads, digging, or handling material.

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