Medical Astrology – Remedies That Work and Transform your Life for the Best

Vedic Astrology has been an integral part of every aspect our lives since its inception. One such example is in medicine.

Medical astrology allows one to not only know more about the present, but also to learn about potential future medical problems.

It is said that medical moldavite meteorite helps those who have failed to heal from their illnesses.

One example: With the help of medical astrology we can predict when an individual is most susceptible to an accident.

Yogas can have a significant impact on one’s health if we put Indian Astrology in perspective. While some yogas are considered auspicious, other yogas are not. When certain yogas are in progress, the transit of planets is unlucky, it is considered that an individual’s physical health is at risk. Otherwise, one is safe.

Similar to the other nine planets, each one is associated with an individual’s health.

A weak Sun in one’s Kundali could cause headaches and heart problems. Similar to the Moon, one may feel irritated or calmer if it is weak in one’s kundali. Mars is also associated to accidents and surgeries. Mercury is the planet most important for an individual’s intellect. It can also cause problems in the neck, skin, or voice.

Jupiter is linked to diabetes and obesity. Saturn is also associated with long-term conditions and problems with the teeth.

Like the planets and the houses, each one is associated also with specific body parts as well as disorders.

The first house has a positive association with longevity and overall well-being, while the second house refers to right eye and neck. The third house also represents the ears, shoulders, and arms.

Remedies In Medicinal Astrology

Medicinal Astrology uses remedies that are aimed at pleasing a God, Goddess, or strengthening the influence of a particular planet. You could also focus on the reduction of negativity that might be caused by certain yoga or transits.

Alternately remedies for medical Astrology could be in the form Mantras or even as an instrument of gemstone therapy. In this case, a gemstone may be used in order to fill the aura in a certain color, which may have less strength. This would be a great way to heal any medical issues that someone may be dealing with.

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